Grey coat

Hey,beauties! Black and white combination is one of my favourite.I took thise photos on windy Saturday,when I got the pleasure of meeting such an amazing photographer as Branko Grcic-  you can see his work here:  I am very happy with the result and I do recomand him. I hope you like the outfit,keep fabulous.Love,M.

Hola,bellezas! Blanco&negro es una de mis combinaticones favoritas.Me hice estas fotos el sábado,cuando tuve el placer de conocer a Branko Grcic-un fotógrafo que me impresiono con el gran trabajo que hace.( aquí    puede ver su trabajo) Espero que os guste el outfit.Love,M. cosmina2Cosmina3 Cosmina5 Cosmina6 Cosminanew1Cosminanew2cosminanew3cosminanew4cosminanew5Cosmina7 I was wearing :Guess?-Sunglasses,Stradivarius Coat,Zara heels.

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