Floral Trousers


  Hey there, lovelies!!SPRIG IS HERE and I am so damn happy.I’ve been waiting for so long -3 full months – to have this nice weather. I am so thrilled that I even put my favourite red Zara heels on .Ok..Ok I was a little bit cold but it was worth it. Branko texted the other day saying that he will have a photo session on the area where I live and if I wanted I could stop by and get some nice pictures.That made me so happy.There I was,on Saturday,with my floral pants on,a white shirt and my Zara heels. I love the pictures,I love to work with http://brankogrcic.com and again,I totally recomand his services.What do you think about the outfit?How would you combine the floral trousers? Kisses,M.

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  1. ¡Muy buena combinación, te felicito por tu entrada y por las fotos que cada día son más profesionales!

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