These days I started the #summerbody plan but with the spring weather(two days sunny,next day rainy 🙁 ..),my body went into a laziness/no energy state.I started to work out at home,because I am not happy going at the gym all  by myself,but was not a good choice.The other day ,I saw a post about drinking in the morning warm lemon water with honey and sounded really interesting.Looking thru it  benefits ,I spotted what I was looking for – the boost of energy(click here for more information)  .I started to drink every day this  natural,fabulous remedy and I found myself better day by day,but not good enought to get over spring allergies.Last year,I got tested for allergies and the result was negative.This was really strange since I have all the symptons of hay fever  almost all the time-even in the summer season .In the end,they said that I should look out to boost my immune system by eating/drinking all the minerals and nutrientes that my body needs.Concisely,I’ve paid them for nothing!!!  

                                                                           About the title?? Meet Moa 


The creators define it as the most complete blend condensed into a super drink. It was prepared including the best ingredients that nature has to offer in terms of super foods. Free of preservatives and other toxic substances, MOA is produced with purees, whole fruit extracts including skin, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and uniquely formulated to be the best and most original drink available in the market.

I started to used it a week ago,it doesn’t taste like I imagined(thinking about all mango and strawberries) but it’s fine-I can handle it — thinking about  the benefits that this natural product has to offer!


According to scientific studies, the fruits and plants  are used to create Moa show extraordinary natural powers such as antitumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antidiabetic, Anti-hypertensive, analgesic, antihistamine, cardioprotective.What I actually feel in my body is ENERGY ! This is my ”cure”,I nedded this and I am happy that I have found it.With only two shots of #moa a day,I am feeling excelent, now I go to the gym in the morning by myself because I feel I can do it & my spring hay fever symptons are gone. Just as Robert U.  once said: ‘ A healty outside starts from the inside’.

If you wanna try #moa click HERE ! You will not be dissapointed!



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