Life’s a beach


It’s 8 a.m.I am awakened from this mad dream by the  regular alarm clock.My body hates it,I didn’t had enought sleep because last night I watched some old movie,a favourite of mine.My cat tried to wake me up five minutes ago,like he always does,tickling my feets hoping I will give him some  proper food.

I find my way to the kitchen to get the morning medicine:a big mug of coffee.I am a caffeine addict,makes early mornings bearable. Today is Monday but I am not working,I have this first day of the weekend all for myself.I don’t hate Mondays,I love free Mondays.Looking thru the kitchen window,I realise how lucky I am to live here,in this little paradise ,where I can enjoy the sun eight months per year.I jump into the shower and in five minutes I am out.

The sky is clear and blue and I am on my way to a relaxing day at the beach.I got my favourite book,sun cream & green tea,I don’t need anything else.Today will be perfect.



IMG_0173 IMG_0174 IMG_0175

Was wearing:

Dresslink blouse –Here

Stradivarius white shorts

Primark sunglasses 


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