Romantic look-soft pink dress


                 Sure,vibrant colors are a great way to make our outfit pop but personally,I won’t change this color for anything.Soft pink is one of my favourite colors and it suits great to my skin tone,even better when I am a little tanned.This elegant dress  from Blue Vanilla is one of my favourites so far,I have found it online,searching for glamorous dresses for formal events.

What I love about it is that I can wear it with flat shoes  or sandals and not only with high heels.Of course,the heels add always  extra glam and that’s what I was looking for ,in this post.

Stylish ,fun and modern,Blue Vanilla is a British  fashion label bringing the latest trends to fashion-conscious girls.They design elegant and distintiv clothing with a cool vibe focusing on beautiful silhouettes and feminine shapes.

What makes a piece of clothing unique and beautiful is all in the details ! I added gold headpiece from Laura Muñoz Málaga and patent heels from River Island

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  1. vayaaa….estas preciosa. me encanta tu recogido. muchos besos. por cierto estoy de sorteo en mi blog pasate si te apetece . un beso

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