Feria de los pueblos Fuengirola

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One of the greatest international events which Fuengirola offers during the latest days of April every year.I had the opportunity to see it with Deeli  ( you can check her post HERE ) and I was impressed how many people came from every corner of the world.Every country shows and share (for a small amount of money) the traditional food and beverages along with  small a performance of art (dance ,music )

We had some food from Uruguay ,some sweets ,many many drinks and along the way snapped some shots  😀   Was a fabulous day ,loved every moment.

Below I added some pictures, not many because shooting Deeli’s look we run out of memory on  card (that happens when you want to freeze every moment)


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fuengirola feria de los pueblos marbella mbcos blogger

Fuengirola Feria de los pueblos Mbcos blogger Feria Internacional de los pueblos

fuengirola Feria Internacional de los Pueblos marbella Malaga Mbcos bloggerFeria de los Pueblos Fuengirola ,Malaga


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