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Long time no post here but as you may know the summer it’s really busy for me and I have no time to write anything on the blog(not even to take some pictures).

This time I want to share with you a wishlist from MillyBridal-boutique where you can find THE DRESS or princess wedding dresses and a wide range of shoes, flats, wedges and, high heels. A month ago I had to attend a wedding so I  made some research on the latest trends and what I could wear to a Spanish wedding and guess what? FOUND MYLLYBRIDAL.I fell in love with their dresses and immediately created a wishlist. Even if the boutique it’s in Uk looks like the shipping it’s really fast and worth the wait.

Below I will share it with you and I would love to hear back your thoughts about this amazing dresses.

I never wear white to a wedding so I always go for soft colors such a pink, beige, sky blue, lavender, ivory or even silver.

  1. Mermaid satin-like dress (I prefer in pearl pink ) You can find HERE


2. A-line halter chiffon in lilac color, click HERE to see close-up


3. Column cowl neck silk-like in champagne color, click HERE to see more details 

bridal 1

4. Elegant A-line one shoulder chiffon tulle in sky blue color, click  HERE for more details 



If you are looking for more inspiration, they even have a great Pinterest account where you can find many ideas and happy customers photos -CLICK HERE FOR PINTEREST ACCOUNT

Which one is your favorite?




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  1. My fav is the A-line halther in lilac. It is so feminine, yet not overly sexy like the mermaid dress, in my opnion. Halter is good if you got nice shoulders!

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