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       The latest looks on my Instagram account are all about the items from Femmeluxefinery online boutique,and if you haven’t seen them yet,click on the Instagram icon and it will re-direct to my  account.

       When I have to buy clothes online ,the first order I am always in doubt because I don’t know what I will receive such as quality,size ,etc.I have to say ,with Femmeluxefinerry happened the same.I made the first order,receive it  in a few days and when I unpacked I realized I don’t have to worry about a thing,they sell really nice ,good quality & fashionable  items for very good prices.About the size,you have to keep in mind your measurements and the type of the item you will buy,it’s really easy as they have all the information on the item page,just consult it and pick the right size for you.

Below  I will add the latest items from Femmeluxefinery boutique.

                                                           Highwaist flare denim   

Mbcos fashion blogger fashion addict Malaga Marbella fashion blogger Femmeluxefinery looks Malaga fashionblogger denim flare jeans from Femmeluxefinery how to wear flare denim back in time with flare denim

Since they are back in  trend,flare jeans was one of my favorite items when I was younger.I really like how they style the whole look and for my body type I think looks really nice.Don’t get me wrong,I am addicted to skinny jeans but I think it’s really good to have a pair of basic flare jeans in our closet.


Mbcos fashion blogger Malaga ,Spain Mbcos how to wear flare jeans flare jeans looks how to style flare jeans 2019 latest trends flare jeans 2020 femmeluxefinery flare jeans


   White shirt & denim skirt 

Mbcos fashion blogger Malaga ,Spain ; Mbcos fashion addict trends Mbcos how to wear denim skirt in summer time latest trends denim 2019 femmeluxefinery denim skirt white basic shirt femmeluxefinery

                     I am pretty sure we all have a basic white t-shirt in our wardrobe and what we love about it is that fits really well with most of our looks.What I love about this t-shirt is the texture and the red details .

Denim skirt ,my favourite of all ,love the elastic waist  because gives a bit of volume and fits better for all types of body.

Mbcos fashion blogger Malaga ,Spain Spanish fashion blogger how to wear denim skirt 2019 white wedges tommy hilfiger ; latest trends 2020 denim skirt ; fashion looks marbella

Mbcos fashion blogger Malaga Marbella Spain ; style in style denim skirt white tee hats 2020



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