White romper


Hello,lovely readers!

Friday is finally here and this girl is totally ready to rock this weekend.Today I will show you the perfect item for hot summer days : jumpsuit!Sleveeless ,backless ,short or long it doesn’t matter anymore as long as it’s made with lace. This is a new trend that just became popular within the last couple of  years but has been changed and modernized for many.

I have found the perfect one at Cndirect which is a world’s leading cross border online store with millions of customers around the world.They offer great quality products for reasonable prices and I see it as a  fantastic deal,plus the products arrive pretty fast on mail.

As soon as I got it,I dressed up and went to the beach to take this awesome shots.

I hope this outfit will inspire you and big thank you for reading me.

You can get your romper jumpsuit here!





Cndirect white romper

Primark gladiator sandals

Easy summer


                                Fanciful patterns and dainty broderie,the perfect combination for hazy,lazy summer days which latelly are gracing us with their presence.I can finally throw my ‘spring’ (jacket) to the wind and embrace  floral maxi dresses,light wash denim shorts,flat open toe sandals  and .. of course endless guilt-free ice creams   fresh fruits.

Yesterday was one of those hot days when I can barely wear clothes and for a walk by the sea I had to wear lace denim shorts.Next to them a white blouse with embroided blue flowers which gives a boho vibe and my Panama hat made of natural straw.

I hope you enjoy my boho look and feel inspired by it!





Back to #black


Even if the weather is really nice lately ,the other day I chose to wear a mix of black and white patterns.I love colorful outfits for this time of the year,but sometimes I just need black!I feel really comfortable in black and that’s not only because diminish the silhouette,it’s a must have colour for everyone.

We took this pictures while walking along the beautiful Malaga seaport and I enjoyed every second of it .

cosmina1 cosmina2-2 cosmina2


Photography-Branko Grcic ; you can see his work HERE 

Hair&makeup-Carmen Solis Estilistas -check her out HERE 

Was wearing :

Blouse-Dresslink -they have great items for really nice prices,you can have a look HERE


High Heels-River Island 

Sunglasses -Mango

Hat & backpack-Pimkie




When I first laid my eyes on Pasteesh hand made jewerly,I was fascinated ! One of a kind creations,limited edition & vintage hand made  jewerly crafted in a garage,after the kids are off to sleep-wow!

If there is one thing in this world that I adore it’s when ART and fashion collide.But when style ,skills and devotation meet,we get to see this wonderful result: #pasteesh jewerly!

Captivating and unique ,three words came up in my mind when I saw them on my desk…therefore the title.


Beautiful presentation box with a scent of vintage but yet fresh,inca light green patina grop earrings  landed on my desk in  just a  few days after ordering it online.I had in my mind the perfect location for   amazing pictures :on the beach,with long summer  dress wearing this original pieces but…the weather is not my best friend.Consequently,I put up this cute outfit you will see below.

Pasteesh #wishlist:

Simple Moroccan filigree adorned with a flower cabochon
Simple Moroccan filigree adorned with a flower cabochon

il_570xN.403291958_hn7o il_570xN.429973820_4tjy il_570xN.430349410_f5sy

These are only few of the exclusive #pasteesh collection.

If you want to have a look at the whole collection,click here.


IMG_0213 IMG_0107




Nerdy chic


Hello there,cuties!

How are you ?

Today I wanna show you a simple yet chic outfit I put the these days.The black sandals I have it from Mango and I believe gives elegance to this outfit-mix&match in my mind!Red lips are a must for me lately and I have to admit I have various shades-I am really obsessed with red lips on white skin-looks so classy! Plus April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month,so I am sporting red lips to show my support for an extraordinarliy worthy cause.

I hope you like it! xxx



IMG_0038 IMG_0051 IMG_0059 IMG_0061


Diesel jacket

H&M white shirt

Suite Blanco trousers

Mango black sandals

Mango mini bag

Nikes on my feet

IMG_0313Hey there ,cuties!How are you?

I am having a really great week ,feeling happy with everything and everyone in my life.The weather it’s really nice lately so here I am ,with a new outfit to share.Nike Air sneakers with black jeans from Zara and Eleven Paris shirt- a perfect casual outfit for long walks with your bestie.

What do you think?How would you style Nike Air sneakers?


IMG_0134 IMG_0373 IMG_0262 IMG_0323 IMG_0461

Beige #casual coat


Hello beauties,how is your week going??Mine is pretty good,working out every day hoping to achieve those ABS that I wanted for so long  (but chocolate it’s so damn good)!I like to workout but I hate when I have swollen muscles or I can’t get up from bed because the other day was … LEG day.It’s always difficult at the beginning but I know that hard work always pays back,so I will be patient.When I don’t feel like working out ,I use a vibration platform-you can find more information about it here.

Below you have the pictures from Sunday-I felt like wearing casual clothes,was rainy and I chose wearing my Choies retro boots with leather pants from Stradivarius and my  new favourite beige coat.I hope you like the outfit,sending you all virtual hugs,M.

IMG_0011 IMG_0014 IMG_0019 IMG_0022 IMG_0028 IMG_0055 IMG_0059

Floral Trousers


  Hey there, lovelies!!SPRIG IS HERE and I am so damn happy.I’ve been waiting for so long -3 full months – to have this nice weather. I am so thrilled that I even put my favourite red Zara heels on .Ok..Ok I was a little bit cold but it was worth it. Branko texted the other day saying that he will have a photo session on the area where I live and if I wanted I could stop by and get some nice pictures.That made me so happy.There I was,on Saturday,with my floral pants on,a white shirt and my Zara heels. I love the pictures,I love to work with http://brankogrcic.com and again,I totally recomand his services.What do you think about the outfit?How would you combine the floral trousers? Kisses,M.

Mmbcos5bw 11026171_10153092019442489_8247528122408477298_o Cosmina1 Cosmina2 cosmina4MBCOS4 mbcos5

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