Autumn feeling

flowerls in my hair

 EN I see …the turning of a leaf dancing in an autumn sun , and brilliant shades of crimson glowing when the day is gone.

These are just few pictures I would like to share with you from a shooting I had with an amazing photographer I met the other day.I am really happy with the result and hopefully you will like it too.You can check her work here and see how marvelous is she with the camera.

Thank you for reading me ! <3

Es Ya veo…el giro de un baile de la hoja en un sol de otoño,y los tonos brillantes de camersí brillantes cuando el día se ha ido.

Me gustaría compartir con vosotr@s algunas de las fotos de mi encuentro con una fotografa increíble que he tenido la suerte de conocer hace unos días.Estoy muy contenta con el rezultado y espero que os guste a vosotros también.Podeís ver mas  aquí sobre su trabajo y que maravillas hace con la camara.

Muchas gracias por esta ahí! <3

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Wedding guest outfit

You’re invited !!!


You are invited to a wedding this summer and don’t know what to wear yet?Don’t worry,I have the perfect outfit inspiration for you !

Don’t every think of upstaging the bride when you attend a wedding because she will remember you all her life and not in a good way.Bright,colorful and breezy outfits are specially designed for summer.There are plenty options out there on various prices and if you are on a low bugdet ,today I am gonna show you some great choices.Cndirect offers a wide gallery of party outfits at a really good price,you should check yourself HERE.

You can try out a mettalic taupe satin dress,or as its summer time, you can go for a botanical-print long dress but I prefer  personally something more sweet and inocent such as this mauve dress . I easily wore it with metallic accessories and nude sandals.

I hope you like it.

IMG_0070 IMG_0023


                                 Wearing : Mauve chiffon dress HERE

                                                 Nude sandals-Here

Floral Trousers


  Hey there, lovelies!!SPRIG IS HERE and I am so damn happy.I’ve been waiting for so long -3 full months – to have this nice weather. I am so thrilled that I even put my favourite red Zara heels on .Ok..Ok I was a little bit cold but it was worth it. Branko texted the other day saying that he will have a photo session on the area where I live and if I wanted I could stop by and get some nice pictures.That made me so happy.There I was,on Saturday,with my floral pants on,a white shirt and my Zara heels. I love the pictures,I love to work with and again,I totally recomand his services.What do you think about the outfit?How would you combine the floral trousers? Kisses,M.

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