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Back to #black


Even if the weather is really nice lately ,the other day I chose to wear a mix of black and white patterns.I love colorful outfits for this time of the year,but sometimes I just need black!I feel really comfortable in black and that’s not only because diminish the silhouette,it’s a must have colour for everyone.

We took this pictures while walking along the beautiful Malaga seaport and I enjoyed every second of it .

cosmina1 cosmina2-2 cosmina2


Photography-Branko Grcic ; you can see his work HERE 

Hair&makeup-Carmen Solis Estilistas -check her out HERE 

Was wearing :

Blouse-Dresslink -they have great items for really nice prices,you can have a look HERE


High Heels-River Island 

Sunglasses -Mango

Hat & backpack-Pimkie


Summer #wishlist

Summer #wishlist

Recently I found myself looking online for the new collection of the brands that I usually wear like Zara,Stradivarius ,H&M or Mango.Nowadays,everything is online …whatever you wanna search for  just type  Google and there you have it: address and everything(and I don’t even wanna thing about the fact that now people can download your pc history only with one click-so erase it every day,people :D) 

Looking thru the multitude of online clothing shops ,there was one that caught my eye -Sheinside!

They have pretty amazing items for good prices.I have my summer #wishlist and most of the items I’ve found on their site.

1.White lace dress- must have for #marbs summer parties -they have so many,I am not even sure which one I should pick but below you have one of my fav -For more,click here 


2.Maxi dress-I simply adore this one-It’s so WOW– you can find it here


3.The white t-shirt–here This one is pretty cool,don’t you think ?:D I loveeee it!


4.Lace blouse –here is one of my favourite,but they have plenty more.


5.Ripped shorts-HERE


What are you must have items for this summer??


Cat eye

Cat eye


Hello there,cuties! How have you been?

Today I wanna show you this black&yellow combination I tried the other day.Looking thru Vogue Collection I realised yellow color it’s a must this season but I must say I was not a fan of this colour -perhaps because I have light skin pigmentation or never found the right hue to suit me .Anyway,I had to give it a try combining it with black and army print and…I am really pleased with the outcome.

What do you think?How would you mix yellow color?


IMG_0008 IMG_0018 IMG_0025 IMG_0028 IMG_0037 IMG_0040


Mango cat eye sunglasses

Sheinside black bag

Levis’s black jeans

Marypaz army print boots