When I first laid my eyes on Pasteesh hand made jewerly,I was fascinated ! One of a kind creations,limited edition & vintage hand made  jewerly crafted in a garage,after the kids are off to sleep-wow!

If there is one thing in this world that I adore it’s when ART and fashion collide.But when style ,skills and devotation meet,we get to see this wonderful result: #pasteesh jewerly!

Captivating and unique ,three words came up in my mind when I saw them on my desk…therefore the title.


Beautiful presentation box with a scent of vintage but yet fresh,inca light green patina grop earrings  landed on my desk in  just a  few days after ordering it online.I had in my mind the perfect location for   amazing pictures :on the beach,with long summer  dress wearing this original pieces but…the weather is not my best friend.Consequently,I put up this cute outfit you will see below.

Pasteesh #wishlist:

Simple Moroccan filigree adorned with a flower cabochon
Simple Moroccan filigree adorned with a flower cabochon

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These are only few of the exclusive #pasteesh collection.

If you want to have a look at the whole collection,click here.


IMG_0213 IMG_0107





                     Istan is a picturesque village just some kilometers from Marbella set right in the middle of nature.If you like rural tourism then you must give it a try.My first day of Christmas I’ve spent it with family in Istan.We went only for few hours,to just visit this charming little Andaluz village but I must confess I was impressed.We walked around the  little streets,we visited the Torre de Escalante and we had lunch in a small restaurant with a really nice view.Istan has so many things to discover for the nature lovers.All around the village you will find plenty of paths and trails where you can take beautiful walks or go mountain biking as well as many other adventure sports and activities.Below you have some pictures,Merry Christmas, M.IMG_0006 IMG_0024 IMG_0028 IMG_0050 IMG_0062 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0199 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0234 IMG_0310 IMG_0318 IMG_0321 IMG_0319

Pencil leather skirt

       mbcos blog de moda office look fashion blogger malaga

Though it’s winter  here the weather it’s fantastic so I dared to go outside and take some shots of this wonderful look.The pencil leather skirt I have purchased from a vintage store few days ago, the army shirt is from Primark and the black leather boots from Stradivarius complete the outfit.I must say when I was living in Romania I would not dare to go outside dressed like this (there are low temperatures at this time of the year)but that’s one of the advantages of living in Costa del Sol.I hope you like this look, I would like to hear your opinion below.Hugs, M.

Aunque es invierno hace muy buen tiempo en Marbella así que me he atrevido a salir a la calle para sacar algunas fotos de este maravilloso look.La falda tubo efecto piel lo he comprado de una tienda de vintage hace unos días ,la camiseta de Primark en tono army y las botas de Stradivarius completa el look.Tengo que decir que cuando vivía en Rumania no me atrevía a salir en invierno vestida así y mas bien muy abrigada,pero con 20 grados en diciembre es imposible ir con mas ropa.Espero que os haya gustado este look y os mando muchos abrazos.La Navidad esta ya muy cerca,que te vas a poner?Estos días voy a preparar unos looks para las fiestas que nos esperan,no te lo pierdas!HUGS,M.


Bag: Primark


Watch:Michael Kors


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